MP Muhammad Nsereko, an independent who will be contesting against, National Resistance Movement (NRM) party’s Cedric Babu, is set to release a new song.

The incumbent M.P. has said that when re-elected in the coming elections, he will prioritize better planning of the city and advocate for acceptable taxes for citizens.

Using music in the Uganda political scene has always been seen as a way to speak to these nations’ youth since they are the majority population.

Almost all campaign music is meant to praise the politicians for their contributions and inform citizens of their plans to be on the ballot box seeking re-election.

The general elections are just four months away, and candidates are employing all methods to connect with youths and woo them into voting for them come to the D-day.

Thus far, music seems to be the leading strategy politicians are using. However, we are yet to see how effective this will be.

Nsereko was spotted in a music studio in a video that has been circulating on social media. Rumor has it that the incumbent Member of Parliament from Central Kampala, Muhammad Nsereko, seeks a third term for the Kampala Central MP seat.

The track for his campaign entitled Land Nsereko is being produced by a well-known city producer Ronnie who has worked with artists like Sheeba, Eddy Kenzo, and Bebe Cool

On Nsereko’s Instagram page, a video of the song was posted, showing the M.P. in the studio

with Ronnie recording.

Producer Ronnie the bmuzik

Many artists have been contracted by politicians to sing songs of praise to them to entice the youths to vote for them come elections day. Politicians like FDC presidential flagbearer Patrick Amuriat, Kamuli Woman MP Rebbeca Kadaga, and H.E. YK Museveni use this tactic.

However, Muhammad Nsereko’s move to record a song has met different opinions and criticism from his supporters and critics.

Some have come out harshly telling to drop the whole music recording tactic, and his aspirations to be re-elected come four months from now altogether. As for supporters, they are recommending the Member of Parliament collaborate with Fresh Daddy.

With the forty-five seconds of the recording, the MP Nsereko wrote;

“Londa Nsereko loading, composer’s time.” One thing you won’t miss, however, is if you know how he sounds, the voice in the song doesn’t say anything like him.”

The time and realize date for the Londa Nsereko song has not been said yet, but it will out very soon.

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